Where do you want to be?

I want to fly. I dont want to fly far, but far enough to get across the fjord. Across the fjord and on the other side of Oslo, thats where I want to be. In the same room and same house as my boyfriend. Sometimes I miss him more than I did when he was in the states. That's what happens when you know you cant just drive for an hour and he's there. Now I know he?s just an hour away and I miss him a ton. I don't mind spending some ?me time?, but I would rather be with him every day, than just every now and then.

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Lillian Maria

Heisann! Mitt navn er Lillian Maria Langseth. Jeg er 26 r og kommer fra et lite sted som heter Gjerdrum. Her kan du lese om livet mitt, turene til Amerika, trender, trening og mine tanker rundt aktuelle temaer. Hper du liker bloggen, og legg gjerne igjen en kommentar :)

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