I'm home again

It feels really good to behome, and not spend another second at a plane for a long time!On the planeI watchedthe movie (The Other Woman), and of course I ended sleeping while watching the movie, haha, but I couldn't help it...It was so lovely to finally get home and cuddle with my little Nemi! Have missed her so much! I brought home some food and candy from the Airport. Right now I'm lying onthe couch, watching a Norwegian tv series called 'Jakten p Kjrligheten'. This vacationhas been fantastic! I?ve met some great people that I actually will miss. I still have some pictures left to share with you.Happy Monday♥

Leaving Newark, New Jersey.

I had a great time with my love in North Carolina! I'm going to miss him a lot but at the same time very excited to see him in a few months!!



27.10.2014 kl. 20:38
Velkommen hjem til Norge! :)

Lillian Maria

27.10.2014 kl. 20:42
Connie Hall Andersen: Tusen takk. :)
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Lillian Maria

Heisann! Mitt navn er Lillian Maria Langseth. Jeg er 26 r og kommer fra et lite sted som heter Gjerdrum. Her kan du lese om livet mitt, turene til Amerika, trender, trening og mine tanker rundt aktuelle temaer. Hper du liker bloggen, og legg gjerne igjen en kommentar :)

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